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Since 2013, KCES, a Pacific-Northwest company, has been well known in the industry for its superior expertise in Mold and Mycotoxin assessments in both residential and commercial settings. What sets us apart from traditional mold inspectors is our positive relationship with local healthcare practitioners and testing laboratories in order to fully understand the biochemical effect of Toxic Mold and Mycotoxin on our clients. KCES has pioneered a new standard in the field of Mold Assessments.


KCES supports customers and doctors across Washington and Oregon as well as throughout the US.  A major aspect that sets KCES aside is the lack of conflict of interest often found with other companies.  KCES does not provide any remediatoin services, we have no vested interest in what we find or don't find.  Additionally, KCES is not in the business of profiting on sampling fees, we charge either the retail of the lab fee or a "break-even" price.  These practices allow KCES staff to be completely unbiased during and after the assessment.

Our technique has paved a new safe and cost-effective way to test for mold and mycotoxins and other contaminants that the latest scientific research has proven to be harmful to humans. With KCES, our clients can count on an assessment that utilizes the latest technology and give you the peace of mind that you will not be charged for tests that often produce unreliable results.

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